Lorraine Buchan



I have known Lorraine for a good few years now and in this time have found her to be a very kind knowledgeable person who cannot do enough to help people and their horses. If you are stuck at shows from anything between forgetting equipment to needing a helping hand to warm up, she is more than happy to help. I had a fall last year which really dented my confidence and I was not too keen to jump much after it. I played about at home and tried to get myself back on track but it didn’t work, I therefor decided I would have to try something else so I called Lorraine to see when she was available for training. A few weeks later I had the lorry packed, horses on board and was starting the long drive to Peterhead for 5 days of intensive training. It was the most worthwhile journey of my life, so worth it infact that I did it all over again the next weekend !!! The first weekend there was all about starting from scratch at a level I was comfortable with and building my confidence up to what it used to be. During my second weekend of training Lorraine incorporated a show which allowed her to boost my confidence to get me back in the ring. I had placings in every class I jumped with both horses and even a win on the horse I had fallen from. I don’t know where I would be without her and cannot recommend her enough. No matter where you stay the journey to her yard is more than worth it. Whether you are a novice or full time professional its always good to have an eye on the ground to help, spot any problems and instill confidence in the rider. I will definitely be back at Lorraines this year !

Nicola Smith, Glasgow 

I attended one of Lorraine’s intense training weekends, about three months after I started having lessons with her. In those three months, my horse, Ebony and I went from jumpingminimus height fences at unaffiliated level to Discovery at affiliated. I felt I needed a bit more guidance than my fortnightly lesson and Lorraine said she was doing a two day lesson package I might find it worthwhile. Ebony and I made our way to Lorraine’s yard on the Saturday morning, our first lesson was flatwork, Lorraine explained the importance of good flatwork for show jumping, we worked on numerous exercises getting Ebony supple, moving freely and forwards. In the afternoon, we had a grid-work lesson. Having never done many grids in my life I soon discovered the benefit of working your horse through grids, by the end of the lesson, Ebony was really lifting through her shoulders and the difference in her shape was very noticeable. The following day Lorraine rode Ebony at my request for the morning session. It was very beneficial to having someone else ride Ebony as not many others have. Lorraine worked a lot on Ebony’s canter; the session was very interesting and allowed me to be able to clearly understand a lot of Lorraine’s tuition with her being able to demonstrate what she means.  In the afternoon we worked on riding a course, all the work from the previous three sessions really shone through and at that point it was the best I had ever ridden around a course.

I would highly recommend the training packages to anyone, regardless of what level you compete at it is a really beneficial day to get you on rack to achieve your goals. Lorraine really understood what I wanted to achieve and tailored the whole weekend to what I was wanting. I felt I got a huge amount out of the weekend, the following weekend Ebony and I jumped our biggest course to date and only had an unlucky four faults.

Not to mention the fabulous hospitality and for those like me who keep horses at home or on a DIY basis it was lovely having someone else take care of your horse for a few days to your own high standards.

Zoe Wright, Brucklay

In summer 2013 I attended one of Lorraine's Intense training course, I had been getting alot of really good lessons for the past few months with my pony Berry, within the few months in which we got lessons our jumping was coming on great but I was still very nervous at times and I lacked in confidence, Especially when it came to fillers. Lorraine told my mum that she was offering a programme of Intense training for 2 days which would get my confidence up. My mum jumped to the chance and booked me in. I was really nervous and didn't want to go but before I knew it, Berry was at Lorraine's in a nice comfy stable with a handful of haylage ready for the hardwork of the next 2 days! Our first lesson was a flatwork lesson, we were practising on improving our transitions and Berry's balance in canter. After alot of circles around and around the school and alot of kicking, Berry was doing walk to canter transition with more than 5 strides and bending nicely around her corners. In that one lesson I felt like we had already improved and couldn't wait to get started on our 2nd lesson;
Our 2nd lesson was jumping a grid, (mine and Berry's first ever grid before) In the absolutely pouring rain, Lorraine got us both over a grid with the last jump a 95cm spread, after being cared to jump a 75cm X-pole! I went home really proud of myself and my amazing pony. The next day and our first lesson was once again flatwork. working on my balance and position, Lorraine gave me a lunging lesson and got me to canter around in circles with no stirrups or reins while doing head, shoulder, knees and toes. It was hard work but also so much fun and I felt alot more comfortable and balanced after that lesson. Our final lesson we were doing a course, I never really did much courses at our own yard so was really nervous, but by the end of the lesson we were jumping 85cm straight, spreads and fillers! I was so pleased with myself and Berry for accomplishing that height of jumps in a course, and I definitely got my confidence up!
Lorraine's intense training course, was alot of work but it was so much fun and its by far worth it. I used to be scared to jump a double on the 3rd hole and after the training I jumped a double on the 5th and the XC jumps that I had never even thought of jumping before, MY mum and lots of others commenting on me and berry's improvement and I eventually had my confidence back. I would recommend the training to anyone especially if you have lost confidence as you are sure to get it back and it is worth it! 

Jo Falconer, Ellon

I have known Lorraine since we were children and this year she helped me find my new horse. In the spring of this year, I very suddenly lost one of my horses and Lorraine very kindly took in my other horse for livery as he couldn't live on his own. It was great being up at her yard during this tough time and when we decided to look for another horse, Lorraine set me up a viewing trip, where I found the newest member of the Muir clan, cavaggio boy (gino). He's a 5 year old Belgian warmblood and has been very successful so far and am looking forward to 2014. I couldn't have asked for a nicer horse.

Thank you so much for all your help finding gino and for all your support since getting him and would thoroughly recommend her if you need help looking for a new pony or horse.  

Caroline Muir, peterhead

I have known Lorraine for around 18 years now and in this time she has helped me out with many of my horses. From lessons through to general advice and help. Most recently though, Lorraine has helped me out with finding two new horses. Firstly my lovely three year old Holstein, Odin. I bought him as a 6 month old colt from a breeder in Wales. As this was all new ground to me I asked Lorraine for her help and advice. She looked into his bloodline for me and also told me exactly what I needed to be asking the breeder and also the photographs we needed to see of him for a very good idea of conformation etc. I did all of this and Lorraine looked at the photos for me and then gave me her advice on exactly what I needed to be looking at in a three month old when we went to view him. He ticked all the boxes and is the most laid back youngster and a fantastic boy, looking forward to getting him backed and then once again Lorraine helping to bring us on. Then the latest dilemma, finding a super super pony for my 22 month old daughter!! Hens teeth spring to mind!! After spending a considerable amount of time searching on my own, for a safe, reliable, trustworthy pony that my little girl could enjoy every single little aspect of, I had nothing!! It is pretty near impossible. So I decided to give Lorraine a phone, 24 hours later she is back on the phone " I think I've found you a pony and he sounds perfect", unbelievable and brilliant!! So I contacted the owners and we went along to meet Prospect the 38" Shetland pony a couple of days later. He is everything we were looking for and more. Skye was madly in love after the first meeting and I know we couldn't ask for a better pony for her first best friend. As always Lorraine is genuinely interested on how everything went and was in touch the next day to find out.

A huge huge thank you Lorraine for everything. You have helped make a little girl very happy, me, well I am delighted and Danny has realised that there is no going back and unfortunately for him it looks like I have brainwashed Skye into realising horses are the best thing ever.

Gemma Brebner, Peterhead

I came across Lorraine’s name completely by chance while I was on facebook. I had been searching for a horse for quite a few months but had had no luck so I thought I’d just send Lorraine a quick email to see if she knew of any horses for sale. She replied very quickly and, after asking about the type of horse I was looking for, promised to do her very best to find me something suitable.
Within a few weeks Lorraine had a list of possibilities for me to look at and before long I had viewed a lovely young mare called Twiggy. Twiggy has such a loveable nature and is now getting on extremely well in her new yard – she really is the perfect match for me. It was wonderful to see that the lady who I bought Twiggy from was such a genuine person and who clearly wanted to sell her horses to the right person. Lorraine only deals with honest and reliable horse people and it was such a relief to not to have to worry about this when trying to focus on the horses.
I would definitely recommend Lorraine to anyone who is looking to buy a horse – she doesn’t just try and find horses that are for sale but goes out of her way to try and find a horse that will suit you perfectly. Thank you Lorraine!
Heather Martyniuk, Aberdeen

Where to start? 
As most horse owners will know i have always loved and dreamt about horses from a young age but money and a feeling of not 'fitting in' in that world always dogded me.  Finally as a teenager I, with the help of my parents, managed to have lessons.  Of course i was hooked!  In my daydreams i always dreamt of one day owning a horse but never envisaged it would come true.
Marriage and five children later, thanks to all the hard work of my stupendous husband i bought my first horse.
To say she was a baptism of fire would be an understatement!  Eighteen months of hard work, blood (literally) sweat and tears i had to make the heartbreaking descion to have her put to sleep.  
To say i was crushed would be an understatement, that and the fact i had completely lost confidence in my ability as a rider and all the fault and trials i had faced i lay squarely at my door.
Vegas was last on my list of horses to go and see because i thought she would be waaaay out of my leauge and Lorraine would take one look at me and refuse to even let me near Vegas.  But in this i was completely wrong.
Lorraine gave me the benefit of the doubt, trusted me when even i had trouble trusting myself and showed me just what a horse can be like when well trained, well handled and well loved.
I was sold (and so was Vegas!).
Since buying Vegas i haven't looked back and gradually she is helping me re build my confidence.  She is a gentle soul on the floor and cheeky madame sometimes when i'm on her back but she is my absolute pride and joy and i would not change one thing about her!!
Through it all Lorraine has only ever been a text away and i can only THANK her from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to even contemplate selling a one in a million like Vegas.  
I have no hesitation in contacting her if i'm worried about something or just to let her know how Vegas goes, all our ups and downs and i know if i ever wanted a second horse Lorraine would be the person i would turn to no questions asked.  She has always been honest, open and totally up front with me and in this sometimes unscrupulous world of horse buying and selling that's what you need.
For someone like myself who only ever wanted a horse for life, i got that when i bought Vegas and i'd like to think in the process i gained a friend as well in Lorraine.  
I cannot, cannot, say enough good things about her without sounding gushy so i'll stop here and leave you to make up your own minds if you ever have the pleasure of meeting her yourself.

Faith Farthing, Inverurie

I have had the distinct pleasure of having Lorraine Buchan as my instructor and as my horse finder. 
I have known Lorraine for over 12 years and when this year (after being stopped with horses the past 9 years) I decided to take it back up again I knew exactly whom to contact to find me the exact kind of horse I was looking for.
I would highly recommend the services of Lorraine. I was nervous finding the right horse and knew exactly who to go to for an expert opinion. Lorraine was very professional and recommended lots of horses for me to try. After finding one I liked she then did a very extensive check and reported back to me within hours with an update of everything I needed to know. Her opinion is always honest and reassuring.
This is the second horse Lorraine has found for me, and I would never buy anything before running it by her first. My first pony she got me was a star that I won a lot with, and my new horse ive had for 6 weeks is looking very promising, he won 2nd place at his first dressage show at Richmond at the weekend. 
Lorraine is the most professional, reliable person for the job. She has all the experience and professionalism that you need. She also has a brilliant eye for picking horses which I think proves in itself with some of her own horses, let alone ones she has found for others.
Look no further for your specific horse needs; no matter what it is you are looking for, Lorraine is guaranteed to find you it.

Sherleen Fraser, Peterhead